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Welcome, students!

The Student Organization of Agder is an interest organization for all the students at
the University of Agder. Our main purpose is to ensure the student ́s academic, social,
economic and welfare related interests.

If you would like to learn more about student activities and student societies, feel free to check out this brochure (will download or open a pdf file).

Vote in the student election!
From 25th of April - 3d of May every student at UiA can vote in the student election. You vote on candidates from your own faculty through:

Announcement of election for councils, boards and committees.
If you want to represent your fellow students you can now stand for election. To do this you must fill out this candidate form and send it to
All positions will start at July the 01th 2019 and end at June the 30th 2020. Please contact STA at if you have any questions.