På studentparlamentsmøtet 21. februar vedtok studentparlamentet en strategi for å inkludere internasjonale studenter i studiemiljøet på UiA. 

Strategy for inclusion 

Les gjerne dokumentet i sin helhet gjennom linken ovenfor. Studentparlamentet vedtok syv spesifikke strategier:

1.Start offering full degrees in English at an undergraduate level to introduce and attract a wider spectre of international students to UiA.

2.ESN and Fadderstyret should merge to create a better unity throughout the year and to merge the introductory weeks of national and international students.

3.Use students representatives as a module buddy to better include international students.

4.All information should be in English, but it should also if possible be given to students in their mother tounge if they request it. This includes everything from UiA posts on Facebook, to student activities to ensure all information is available for international students to make events more accessible.

5.English modules should regardless of the nationality of the students, be held in English.  This point and the point above will hopefully proceed to break the language barrier. STA believes this is an advantage for everyone as it can improve students´ language skills.

6.Lectures should set the groups when group work is in the programme, to help include international students.

7.Focus on making UiA an international campus.  CIL should be fronted with more intensity to students that does not have the opportunity to engage in exchange to make UiA an all-around more international university that also offers being “internationalised at home”.

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